As an ongoing personal project I donate a photo session every month to someone going through, or has gone through a rough time, to give them a confidence boost and and perhaps the opportunity to see themselves in another more positive light. The project is called The Uplift Sessions.

The main objective of the project is to show that one does not have to be defined by one’s suffering. That there is always a light that shines through. It is this light that I try to capture and shine it back. It is also an utmost privilege for me to be able to use my passion to make a small difference and hope that I can inspire others in all other professions and ways of life.

The project is self-financed and covers Greater Copenhagen for the time being. You can help by either hiring me or buying some of my limited edition museum quality prints here. In this way I can cover more ground and do more than the one shoot a month I currently do.

Thank you for your support!.

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