Marieme describes herself as first and foremost the queen mother to her three perpetually hungry kids, that her heart beats for and with. She is also and good empathetic friend, ex-girlfriend and collegue, always with a smile on her face despite going through some rather rough patches not too long ago. She is happy that her family always has her back.

Originally from Senegal, Marieme has lived in Denmark for almost 22 years, but despite being super integrated and always working, Marieme is still fighting to obtain her permanent residence permit. This is due to her having left her abusive ex-husband to protect her children from going up in an abusive home and thus basically being punished by the system. All this has left her with some deep scars and a severe period with PTSD. Despite everything she has had to go through, Mariene has come out on the other side, where she is no longer ashamed of her experiences, and her suffering and has not been deterred from continuing the fight, not only for herself, but also for others who are adversely affected by the system.

Daily, Meriemme is a bus driver, and a hard-working bartender in the weekends. She keeps fit with strength training and crossfit, and loves salsa, which she learned from her mother from Marieme when she was about six.

It was fantastic to get to know Marieme and I wish her the best of luck with the residence permit and not least the future.

Here’s cheering for you, Marieme, and hope the pictures help to give her a little boost on the road.

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