Peter is 44 and lives with his wife and their two boys, 10 and 7, who both have a neurodivergent profile – ADHD and/or autism. Due to this, the children need support to handle their basic needs and regulate their emotions and can create high levels of conflict at home. Early in 2021, Peter was taken ill with stress after the long period of homeschooling and working from home, due to the Corona lockdown. The stress manifests itself as a dizziness, especially provoked by exposure to high pitched noises, as well as feelings of general unrest. In the first half of 2021, Peter’s was forced to go on sick leave due to stress. The summer holidays softened the situation, but the 7-year-old got increasingly more troubled and was by November, also sent on sick leave with stress symptoms by the family doctor. To add to all this, Peter’s father is diagnosed dementia and lives at a nursing home where he receives proper care. Late in the summer his mother was diagnosed with cancer, while Peter watched from the sidelines, fighting for his own family. The stress has also caused the loss of cognitive abilities for Peter, who sees his mind as his foremost instrument. He writes reviews and is working on a book, but a weakened ability to concentrate makes everything much more difficult. This includes the many appointments, meetings and co-ordination with the children’s schools, and the local government authorities in the effort to get the proper support that the children are in dire need of. Therapy, meditation and nature are helpful for Peter, but the days, where the sole purpose is survival, are still a rather frequent guest.

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