Hamid in his own words:

” The sea was rough. A gray rubber boat floated in a limbo between two worlds. On the one hand hope and on the other persecution. The escape scenes that have been stuck in my soul since 2015 resurface again.

This time the memories of my escape came to life from a picture on my teacher's PowerPoint. The image illustrated people desperately trying to save their lives from a sinking dinghy in the Mediterranean. Their fate was uncertain. It is the irony of fate that I end up in Denmark studying asylum and refugee law as a law student.

The expression that says that; "It goes by the book" is not a very good description of my life. The right conditions and necessary aids have been absent. Circumstances have tried to make me a victim, but I have managed to fight my way out of it.

The flight was bitter and hard, and sharpened my soul. I became solidly formed though and today I am a lively person who can help others. I provide legal assistance in the area of immigration law. I can't help myself. I am still in a limbo between two worlds. My stay is still temporary and my future may be bleak.

Looking back after many days on the run, it was not easy to get rid of the trauma. The winter in a tent in Northern Jutland didn't help either. A stressful and drawn-out asylum process did not provide the useful and empowering tools that I could use to rebuild my life. With an energy and desire to rebuild my life in Denmark and contribute to society, I was met by a 16-month long asylum process in 5-6 different asylum centers, where I was thrown around the system and met with distrust. Despite all that, I stand strong. I still dream big.

In a few months I will become a lawyer without having learned anything about the The Law of Jante. The plan is to continue fighting for human rights. The goal is to become a Barrister.”

My deepest respect and admiration for the man and fighter that is Hamid. Hope the pictures will be of some help along in his continued fight!✌🏿❤️😊

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