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My name is Wilfred Gachau, and photography is my passion. Based in Copenhagen, I endeavor to capture life's moments, be it for my art photography or my commercial work, mainly corporate portrait photography, company branding, products, and corporate events.

I am fortunate to have a photography studio located in the center of Copenhagen at Kompagnistræde 28, which is part of the wine shop and wine tasting space, The Great Wine Experience, of which I am also a part, along with my Sommelier fiancée, Natalie Noryd. Apart from being a studio facility, the space also doubles as an exhibition space for my Limited Edition Art Photography Prints. A wonderful sensory space for both the eye and the palate.

This allows us an extra touch of luxury and elegance, in that we are able to offer you a complimentary glass of champagne or another beverage of your choice during the shoot.

As an ongoing personal project, I also donate photo sessions to individuals going through, or who have gone through, a rough time, to give them a confidence boost and an opportunity to see themselves in a more positive light. The project is called The Uplift Sessions.

I hope my work will appeal to you and pique your curiosity, and perhaps inspire the desire to work together. Please feel free to get in touch.

Photographer Wilfred Gachau
Kompagnistræde 28,
1208 Copenhagen K

Email: wilfred@gachau.com
Phone: +45 20 20 37 33"

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